Brace yourself for the North Texas Metal Event!

Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore will be playing with 35+ bands including Diecast, Rigor Mortis, and Impaled!

The show is in Dallas on December 15th 2007 at The Door.

The Door is at Main St. and Good Latimer (the old Gypsy Tea Room)

Tickets are $25 from and or $30 at the door of The Door.

This is an all ages event so feel free to bring the kiddies. The main building is a no-smoking, no-drinking, safe for youngsters environment, but the Prophet Bar (the Tea Room) will be open with a full bar.

The show starts at noon, and Locrian plays around 5pm so get there early.

You can see the complete lineup and get all the info from or click HERE to see a flyer.

You HAVE to go, Rigor Mortis will be there. Dude, frikin Impaled AND Diecast will be there too. Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore will be there ( a measly 20 min set, but hey, it will kick ass ) and there will be a TON of killer local and regional bands.

We should have some Merchandise for sale at the show, so those of you that have been waiting to get your Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore T-shirts and Bootlegs will get your chance.