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Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore will soon be re-releasing a couple tracks, Dark Seeds and Point of Singularity. The versions that are currently circulating have our old Bass player, Austin, and the new versions will have some bass lines from Ed, the current Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore Bassist. We will be tracking this week, and hopefully mixing too. […]

The Boiler Room

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Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore has played a couple shows at The Boiler Room in Denton recently. Thanks to all who came out. The Boiler Room is a pretty sweet little spot just off the square in downtown Denton. Hopefully we will be playing some more shows there in the near future. I had some issues with […]

The North Texas Metal Event

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Brace yourself for the North Texas Metal Event! Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore will be playing with 35+ bands including Diecast, Rigor Mortis, and Impaled! The show is in Dallas on December 15th 2007 at The Door. The Door is at Main St. and Good Latimer (the old Gypsy Tea Room) Tickets are $25 from and […]

Check out the links, yo.

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Way down there at the bottom of the screen there are some links. There is some good stuff down there, you should check it out. There is a link to Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore’s MySpace page, and some other goodies mostly provided by our WebHost Metzae. kicks ass! Go there and watch some of the […]

Locrian@the Garage

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Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore will be playing with Rip the System at the Garage tomorrow, Friday November 29th 2007. We’re looking forward to the show and hope you will all come out and have a good time. The Garage is near Hickory and Fry across from the UNT campus on Ave A. -Drumbokas For those of […]

Server Change

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We recently had to switch servers, so many of the links to images, sounds, and video are dead at the moment. We will be fixing the links, and adding new content from recent and upcoming shows, in the next few weeks.

Old School

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There are some funny (to us anyway, you may or may not get the jokes) videos from 2001 and 2002 that are ‘hidden’ with in the site. These were recorded at a little place in Lubbock Tx that used to be called Einsteins… look for images, made by our vocalist Chuck, that are links to […]


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Hello boys and girls, Welcome to the Official Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore Homepage – Your Portal to All Things Locrian. Don’t Forget to check out other Locrian Psy-Fi Metalcore stuff online, like http:\\\locrian and locrian psy-fi metalcore on Google Video.